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v1.5.0 release of JS Snippet Good VSCode Extension

I just released version 1.5.0 of my VS Code extension: JS - Snippet Good!

As usual, you can check the for some quick notes of the changes.

I’ve been doing a lot of testing lately at work, and after updating to the latest version of React Testing Library (switching to @testing-libary/react from the old react-testing-libary package) I decided to update a couple RTL snippets and add a couple expect snippets.

Here’s the rtlbs snippet in action.

'rtlbs' snippet in action

Note: I don’t worry about a self-closing version of the JSX component because my linter will take care of that if no children are passed

I’ve also added a snippet for the shape PropType for the react prop-types package. ptsh and ptshr (r on the end for isRequired as usual) are how you access it. I’ve been meaning to add this for awhile, but kept forgetting.

I’ll be adding more testing snippets from jest, jest-dom, and @testing-libary/react soon once I decide how I want them.